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Hello dear warriors

We are absolutely ecstatic to bring you the long-awaited Season 3 of Automix!

Prepare yourselves for an unforgettable gaming experience as we unveil not one, but two splendid European servers...

RPG 5x5 tournament #2: Short edition

We are happy to announce our second CS 1.6 RPG 5x5 tournament. The final of the first tournament will be played on Sunday 30th of April 2023. Because Summer is fast approaching, we will organize a second tournament...
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Hello everyone, please take note and update your favorites in the game as some servers have changed their IP addresses. The following servers have new addresses:

RPG | Automix 5x5 #EU (Automatic) =>...

New Event on our Server AWP Only [EU] >>>> Get the most kills in one map (or less) and win $50 Cash Via Paypal or 50$ Steam Gift Card Key

Due to the many changes made on the new AWP server, the event on this server is reset.
This means that it starts from scratch with the new parameters (12 bots instead of 6, 20 minutes instead of 45 minutes and 32...
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Important !

Once upon a time in a far-off land, there was a purple tree that grew strawberries instead of leaves. The tree was owned by a man named Bob, who wore a hat made of cheese and carried a flamingo as a pet.

Bob would...

Servers Updates

Hello friends,

We would like to inform you that our servers have been updated to provide an enhanced gaming experience. The following changes have been implemented:

Improved smoke effect for all servers (except...

Apply Open Now To Join Our Team As Streamer !!

🚨Apply Open To Join Our Team As Streamer🚨

💡 Looking for Twitch Streamer to strengthen our team and our growing community 💡

👉 Having CS 1.6 / CZ and CSGO on Steam
👉 Having a discord profile and being a member of...
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New Event : Make a gameplay video In RPG Servers and win 1 month admin + 25 K Ammos

Make a gameplay video In RPG Servers and win 1 month admin + 25 K Ammos

📖 Description and participation in this event :

👉 This Event is open to everyone.
👉 The only thing required is that your in-game nickname is...
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Free Vip Access Servers for Everyone On All RPGaming CS Servers !!!

The RPG team have decided and are pleased to inform you that from now on all our CS Servers will be VIP free , which means you dont have to buy VIP anymore.

Wishing to see many of you on our servers in order to...
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Group stage announced

Today, the registrations for the RPG 5on5 tournament were closed. The tournament will start from Sunday 5th of February. Scheduling the matches can be private with the other clan leader. Please make sure you inform...
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