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  1. nica nica: Maybe not for you, but for me it is
  2. ReSeT ReSeT: Hello Guys, How are you Today ? :)
  3. Defender Defender: fine and u?
  4. MiNhaJ MiNhaJ: Good Morning Good Afternoon Good Evening Good Night 🌃
  5. Hymn` Hymn`: Morning :D
  6. MeKa MeKa: Evening :cool:
  7. nica nica: Hey
  8. Hymn` Hymn`: Heya , Wassup :D
  9. Defender Defender: hi...
  10. K karachi<kings>007: Hey
  11. Nitro Nitro: hi
  12. nica nica: How is everybody doing here?
  13. Defender Defender: everything is fine Nica, what about you?
  14. D dominikow: elo
  15. MeKa MeKa: yow
  16. Defflex Defflex: Hii
  17. MeKa MeKa: oo deff bot
  18. Defflex Defflex: Hhh meka bot
  19. MeKa MeKa: :cry:
  20. Hymn` Hymn`: :ninja:
  21. D dominikow: who can add bots in palankus
  22. D dominikow: pls i wonna play
  23. D dominikow: plis
  24. dmn dmn: Will be all added after few hours
  25. D dominikow: kk

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